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Inspired by some shadow-talk the other night, Rx dug into his hard drive, switched on the machinery, and came out with RxB. In his text:

“i am laid up. hurt, not sick. i’ll be alright. i am spaced on good grass and some soundwaves…lounging in afternoon light in a shit-brown colored living room.
here is a mix as dirty as these walls…

been hearing about all of this 90s R&B influenced music that has been coming out…
wondering what took the world so long…
of course we have rhythm
of course we have blues.
i hear a lot of four tet in most of these bands…but no four tet on the mix.
i think burial and flying lotus are polar predecessors
there are a few old secrets i see in the folds (dragons/projectors)
frank ocean is the wonderchild
the weeknd is the new face
how to dress well is the secret
toro y moi is (more than “chillwave”)
lots of reverb and rubbery rhythm…
lots of vocal work or vocal samples.
i am heavy on it.

i dubbed this hot and hard, and gave it some of my own space and vacuum…

sounds choice MAXED on your laptop speakers (on purpose).

this mix nods at a genre that really captures my attention. because i have attention.
turn it up and tune out while dancing in the full length mirror of your imagination…
…thinking about your spirit transcending choreography. “


ALPHA vinyl arrives in June.



Fascinating days these are, where a figure like RxRy can thrive in the dark, letting sounds and images swirl into visible persona. His true identity is known by some, and isn’t nearly as protected as others may think. He is simply an artist who prefers a low profile, not for benefit of hyperbole, but rather the idea that we can be transported by art without having to look it square in the eye. The objective here is to give a glimpse at his world of operation, somewhat personally, but more so musically.

In a way, this all began last January, when S&S unknowingly became a vehicle for RxRy; one he could regularly share creations and words through. With each of his emails came a progression, another ‘drownstep’ mission, and a somehow natural corresponding post. That unspoken bond was occasionally helped along by a “thanks” or “cheers” or “I haven’t seen the ocean in ages, tell her hello next time” via Gchat, until recent longer exchanges came about. Together we decided that it might work best to publish the very transcripts from those late night sessions (figuratively referred to as “the shadows”). Note: they have been structured and cleaned up a bit for easier reading. And there’s a new song somewhere in there…

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And so, the great meteor show had reached its finale. And the dots which spanned this sphere for over two years can finally be connected. ‘A grin. A thin line between the sun and the sky.’

c.STRS is it for Rx. His final, and his finest, transmission. The infinity of space is a fitting place for an end; there was nowhere left to go within a void, within this character’s fiction.



Thanks Matt, that was fun.