Stadiums & Shrines


Strange how they came upon The Mountains Themselves. First there was Daniel Klag, imagining the mountains themselves in static conversation. Then there was Nathaniel, just back from Alaska having spent much of his time admiring none other than the mountains themselves. Mix and motion, initially cued up by circumstance, now curiously applied to each other. Nathaniel would work Daniel’s 30 minutes of mist into three photos of his own from the trip, forming a piece that’s best left to your own interpretation—which we recommend arriving at with patience and undivided focus. Tracklist below:

00:00 Daniel Klag – Infinite Arc
06:08 Flying Saucer Attack – Since When (FOUR)
08:55 Fennesz – Shift
12:38 Growing – Southern Rites
17:40 Tim Hecker – Whitecaps of White Noise II
23:00 Alan Licht & Aki Onda – Tiptoe

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