Stadiums & Shrines

Inspired by some shadow-talk the other night, Rx dug into his hard drive, switched on the machinery, and came out with RxB. In his text:

“i am laid up. hurt, not sick. i’ll be alright. i am spaced on good grass and some soundwaves…lounging in afternoon light in a shit-brown colored living room.
here is a mix as dirty as these walls…

been hearing about all of this 90s R&B influenced music that has been coming out…
wondering what took the world so long…
of course we have rhythm
of course we have blues.
i hear a lot of four tet in most of these bands…but no four tet on the mix.
i think burial and flying lotus are polar predecessors
there are a few old secrets i see in the folds (dragons/projectors)
frank ocean is the wonderchild
the weeknd is the new face
how to dress well is the secret
toro y moi is (more than “chillwave”)
lots of reverb and rubbery rhythm…
lots of vocal work or vocal samples.
i am heavy on it.

i dubbed this hot and hard, and gave it some of my own space and vacuum…

sounds choice MAXED on your laptop speakers (on purpose).

this mix nods at a genre that really captures my attention. because i have attention.
turn it up and tune out while dancing in the full length mirror of your imagination…
…thinking about your spirit transcending choreography. “


ALPHA vinyl arrives in June.


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