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And so, the great meteor show had reached its finale. And the dots which spanned this sphere for over two years can finally be connected. ‘A grin. A thin line between the sun and the sky.’

c.STRS is it for Rx. His final, and his finest, transmission. The infinity of space is a fitting place for an end; there was nowhere left to go within a void, within this character’s fiction.



Thanks Matt, that was fun.


One late night in a performance space last fall, RxRy and Nathaniel mentally and physically synced from opposite sides of the room. That connection has grown in recent months; through shadow-chats and file shares they’ve opened up a limitless thread of possibility, and what breaths here is likely not the last of ideas to materialize. The Birth of Medusa, which works in both the mythological and biological senses of the term, is an audio/visual poem, a written piece scored and rendered into movement. All footage was shot using an iPhone in Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, and all sound was designed by Rx specifically for the text. And with that said, the rest is best absorbed beside.

It’s been 12 months since our first glasslandic party, and in that time, S&S senses have been pulled more and more towards capabilities outside of standard band to band showcases. Building on ideas explored last July, we’ve mapped out a true night of sound and vision. Performances from favorites Pressed And, Noah Wall, Megafortress, Gem Club, and RxRy will be set to motion by the fused imagination of videographers BriAnna Oslon and Nathaniel Whitcomb. It’s happening October 19th, at a multi-use creative facility in Brooklyn (13 Greenpoint Ave) known as The End.

Hope to see you there—details at FB.

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