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Daniel Klag (thoughtful composer, ambient savant) has kindly provided one seamless hour of snow-capped serenity for mass enjoyment/enlightenment. It serves both as an aural vista retreat and a tonal preview of what’s to come: Weird Fiction, due this spring via AMDISCS.

“The content of the album is largely inspired by the writing of authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, and Algernon Blackwood, hence the album title. In addition, this mix features many of the artists that helped shape the sound of Weird Fiction (that is, my musical influences). I have also included two of my forthcoming tracks.”

Mediafire from the image above or here. And scope the names next to their cues below:

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Science tells us that each bird in a flock keeps a fixed number of neighbors under control – seven other starlings – irrespective of their distance, which is the secret to how they stick together, rippling into pattern like one vast living entity.

Starling Murmurations | Starling

This 20 minute flight directed by the private guitar wanderings of Matthew Sage is sonically aligned with that notion. These are patient sounds. Find side B at bandcamp. And scale the horizon for II soon.



The shoreline is a different character at night; calm enough to be sleeping, but so very alive. We used to live next to each other. And there were moments when I secretly preferred the company of that colder side to its far more appreciated sunny one.

Swartz | Dinghy

Steve Swartz has done something remarkable. He’s bottled that connection and made it reachable by headphone. He’s focused on the most comforting of frequency shifts, by speaking through nuances in tide. He’s dedicated it all to his daughter, Claire, who first heard most from the studio floor, as it was being realized. And he’s made a video for each of its ten tracks.

Nighttide is at his bandcamp. Below are two of ten: