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At some point, the ocean’s breath and his own had to arrive at an understanding. Syncing up was a necessity of survival for one, and perhaps just a simple yet merciful shift of pace for the other. The air knew this all along, and patiently waited, as if paused, while a crest rose and a rhythm answered. In, and out.

Respire is the latest work from Steve Swartz aka Swartz et, a Detroit-based musician and composer who in 2010 faithfully rendered the currents of Nighttide through radiant drone, and last year paid sensory tribute to his hometown in our own Slow Motion. Here, over five spacious arrangements, Steve conducts a sonic research of sorts, as he put it, “exploring the power and intimacy found in deep connections between people.” The project’s focal point is breathing; each track was built from the recordings of Steve and a few friends sitting silently in a room, “just being”. His guitar and piano seemed to follow suit, reaching a tranquil synthesis on “Yours Mine Ours”, before gradually, and willfully, becoming engulfed by the sea. It’s a distinctly meditative flow, and S&S is feeling quite centered in hosting it today:

The record is out May 14th via Cognito Percepti.

[the image above is derived from a Delaney Allen photograph]


The shoreline is a different character at night; calm enough to be sleeping, but so very alive. We used to live next to each other. And there were moments when I secretly preferred the company of that colder side to its far more appreciated sunny one.

Swartz | Dinghy

Steve Swartz has done something remarkable. He’s bottled that connection and made it reachable by headphone. He’s focused on the most comforting of frequency shifts, by speaking through nuances in tide. He’s dedicated it all to his daughter, Claire, who first heard most from the studio floor, as it was being realized. And he’s made a video for each of its ten tracks.

Nighttide is at his bandcamp. Below are two of ten: