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The Chicago/LA-based digital label Absent Fever has arrived in New York for the summer and that’s reason enough for a show. We’ve got a backyard lined up, and a line-up of friends set to fill it. Live visuals from Left Arm Single will backdrop performances by It is is rain in my face, Phantom Power, Headaches, Kohwi, and potentially anyone else who’d like to jam.

Thursday night, July 19th, in Bushwick (242 Troutman Street). More details and RSVP at FB. Hope to see you there.


It’s unclear exactly which dimension is allowing the other to escalate in this prism-ed ‘gray area’, but the interaction is unquestionably enchanted. Urban fantasia looks good on a late night (rapid eye) movement like “Safety Net”. The video’s director, AF-regular Left Arm Single, adds:

“I am fascinated by how two sequences of images put together can dance, bring together and pull apart your thoughts, kneading. The rhythms in the song impress in me a feeling of being somehow submerged, in a muffled, elusive world. There is no sense of direction and all you can do is roll with it.

Rolling down a hill, dirt in your mouth and hair and grass stains on your clothes. You come to as you look up at the sky. It is only afterwards that you discover the joy of remembering. Safety Net tells me a story of turning inwards, of falling off a cliff only to find oneself weightless.”

Mass, a collaborative EP between Chicago friends Mister Lies and Different Sleep, is out now via Absent Fever.


Like a distant cousin to the circular window previously opened for UK’s Birkwin Jersey, “Orinoco” revels in beat symmetry, sputtering from forest to full kaleidoscoped cycle.

Birkwin Jersey | Orinoco

It belongs to a seven track EP called Old Hands arriving January 13th via Absent Fever. This post is in balance with Decoder, the freshly reconceptualized GOTC, and cultural magazine—learn more (and pledge support for its debut issue) at Kickstarter.