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Logic would say this dream state begins at the point of submersion, but maybe it’s the other way around. That blind applause and blank poolside tour give no indication of us being anything more than thin air. Maybe the world up top is only a show. And we’re not waking up until fully doused in shimmering synth, and among familiar faces—in its finale.

Sobrenadar | Finales

Argentina artist Paula Garcia aka Sobrenadar is something of a dream pop specialist. Her latest study, Physeos, is getting the Absent Fever stamp next Monday, and in coordination with Smoke Don’t Smoke, above is the first look at it.


Having learned that our friend Matt Jones, a Brooklyn/North Carolina artist who renders spectral sound as It is rain in my face., was also quite the illustrator, we thought: why not try and see how he, sees his music. After an excellent set at our show back in June, we jammed a bit on how this could be done. A few months later, it would happen on our roof, alongside Andrew Hamlet of ArnHao, who joins Matt in their project Pressed And. Victoria captured the sequence above (and like last time, Bean cameos). While many questions were asked, the two that dictated this ended up being, basically: what colors are It Is Rain?, and what colors are Pressed And?

Audio on display is the title track from his Wishbone EP with Absent Fever, available at bandcamp.

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Deliberate or not, these aquatic mishaps are heard by no one. There’s too much happening on that tie-dyed sand; minor rumbles aren’t gonna break up the Garbage Beach social hour. Meanwhile, weird-soul proprietor KYNAN hovers just above the seafloor, having himself a polluted tea party, blowtorching some rusted scraps for no reason other than watching sparks fly. And that’s fine, carry on; he’s got a few extra placemats set, for when minds turn off.

KYNAN | Everyone Talks Too Much
KYNAN | Happy When You’re High

The big ribbon on Garbage Beach, an Absent Fever digital release, gets cut today, at bandcamp.


The great human rush is juxtaposed here with the immense beauty of nature—two opposing aspects of a single reality, in balance. This Baraka-sourced, Whitcomb rendered yin yang display conceptually frames Birkwin Jersey‘s beat intensity with perfect measure. Sixes are nines; nines are sixes.

Time Doesn’t Exist, Clocks Do arrives July 11th on Absent Fever.