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Like a distant cousin to the circular window previously opened for UK’s Birkwin Jersey, “Orinoco” revels in beat symmetry, sputtering from forest to full kaleidoscoped cycle.

Birkwin Jersey | Orinoco

It belongs to a seven track EP called Old Hands arriving January 13th via Absent Fever. This post is in balance with Decoder, the freshly reconceptualized GOTC, and cultural magazine—learn more (and pledge support for its debut issue) at Kickstarter.


The great human rush is juxtaposed here with the immense beauty of nature—two opposing aspects of a single reality, in balance. This Baraka-sourced, Whitcomb rendered yin yang display conceptually frames Birkwin Jersey‘s beat intensity with perfect measure. Sixes are nines; nines are sixes.

Time Doesn’t Exist, Clocks Do arrives July 11th on Absent Fever.