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Today there is an unusual disc out in the world featuring recorded moments from many friends of Patient Sounds (intl)​, including contributions by our daughters. It is bittersweet to say goodbye to Patient Sounds. The independent publishing house is closing down after ten years. Still in their prime — STILL, Waiting — with their renegade ethos intact (read the letter). Their sounds have shaped S&S just as much as the words of the label’s founder, Matthew J. Sage. My tape collection is probably 40 percent PS. If you are in Chicago, celebrate with them tomorrow (Wednesday, August 21st) at The Hideout Inn.

A few recent releases, below, followed by the program’s tracklist.

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Taking over Episode 61 are two longtime friends of the site with two markedly different hours of music. The first is a drifter, courtesy of FLORA founder Jamison Isaak (Teen Daze). Equal parts pastoral and cosmic, the mix feathers unreleased material from his British Columbia-based label with the sounds of contemporary New Age, jazz, and ambient practitioners and pioneers (Hiroshi Yoshimura, Laraaji). There’s an appearance by Japanese artist and Orchid Tapes-alum Atsuhito Omori aka Ex Confusion, a rippling Melody As Truth-released collaboration between Suzanne Kraft and D.K, as well as フジネットワークシステム (Fuji Network Systems), whose trail since 2016 has all but vaporized (now abstractly related to Bedlam Tapes).

The set closes under the care of Gigi Masin. The Italian minimalist composer and Music From Memory vet prefaces the piano work on his 2018 self-release KITE: “This collection contains some songs that I’ve made in the past few years, written to talk about dreams and love while waiting for new colors and new music. It’s like looking back at a garden of roses and flowers, hoping the next lawn is just as beautiful and bright.”

In short time FLORA has bloomed a bounty of relaxation recordings. Isaak’s 2018 EPs 1 and 2 were recorded primarily on piano (such as the uplifting “Us” below), while his latest tape, Spring Patterns, splays out with meditative guitar loops (full stream further down). These generous and gorgeous sets are suited for golden hours somewhere, under a tree or beside a window, paused and watching the shadows move.

Hour two is “a journey through pastures and depots, liveries and bayous, parlors and front porches, barnyards and haylofts” with Patient Sounds (intl) head M. Sage. We can picture our host grinning at his living room turntables, pulling spontaneously from a collection amassed in travels: undisclosed country-folk and blues compilations and dusty dollar bin nuggets, both old and new, showcasing distinctly American — Southern, Western, Appalachian — songwriting traditions (from Connie Converse up through Daniel Bachman). Full tracklist N/A, but it’s easy to imagine a few Polish cowyboys, Rocky Mountain resort hustlers, moonshiners, and lonesome crooners.

Hour One: FLORA Mix
??? – forthcoming on FLORA
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Soto Wa Ame – Rain Out Of Window
フジネットワークシステム – 1に向けて
D.K. / S.K. – Burn
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Deep Echoes
Laraaji – All Of A Sudden
Ex Confusion – Lilac In July
Pat Metheny Group – If I Could
Jackson Milas – December 21st
John Klemmer – Waterwheels
Gigi Masin – Kite

Hour Two: Southern Exposure by M. Sage

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A summer’s respite, a screen’s dimness down, eyes squinted, interface giving way to pasture, the hum of a windowless building and episode 34.

The first hour belonged to Patient Sounds, meaning all 60 minutes of sound were exceptionally patient/from the PS catalog. The second hour remained mostly in the present (excluding some Italian psych and the heavy air of Pure X), featuring London producer (and recent Jenny Hval-re-worker) Kelly Lee Owen‘s tribute to Arthur Russell, Leon Vynehall‘s tribute to autobahns, Molly Nilsson‘s tribute to Windows 95’, and Julia Holter’s tribute to solitude in chaos (and perhaps her dog).

Hour One: PS05
Lee Noble – Out of Out
Glassine – Human Shield
Nerftoss – Rico Chord
Molly Shannon Molly Shannon – Maria Corti
The Continent Strings – Whale Song (edit excerpt)
Braeyden Jae – Most Quiet Feeling
Tables & Chairs – Storm Signals
Hakobune – When It Arrives
Eola – The Lights (for Mom)
M. Sage – Werewolf Perfume

Hour Two
Pure X – Heavy Air
Kelly Lee Owens – Arthur
Leon Vynehall – Midnight on Rainbow Road
Molly Nilsson – 1995
Le Orme – Ad Gloriam
Julia Holter – Feel You
Simon Scott – Für Betty
Gideon Wolf – Hungry Bear
The Variable Why – Memory Burn

S&S Radio is live Tuesdays 10PM – 12AM [bi-weekly] on Newtown Radio. And we’ll be handling the in-betweens next Wednesday, September 23rd at Babycastles with Nadia, Daniel Klag, Poppy Red and Yaman Palak.



A feverish, deep summer night, broadcast from Bushwick, with the lights cut, an industrial glow… the buzz of a box fan and episode 31.

The first hour collected a few modes as of late: among them stunning new material from CFCF and Cemeteries, Denver droner Sister Grotto (who transfixed Portals family under the moon last month), an intriguing entry point from our friend Rafael, and Moses Sumney‘s improvised take on Laurie Anderson. The second hour belonged to Patient Sounds, meaning all 60 minutes of sound were exceptionally patient/from the PS catalog.

Hour One
CFCF – In Praise Of Shadows
John Taylor, Norma Winstone, Kenny Wheeler – Azimuth
Moses Sumney – O Superman
Alaska, 1998 – Yesterday everything was grey
Sister Grotto – I Don’t Feel Anything
Cemeteries – Luna (Moon of Claiming)
Mark Barrott – Cirrus & Cumulus
Steve Hauschildt – Where All Is Fled
Michael Price – The Attachment

Hour Two: PS04
M. Sage – Bermuda Nightshade
Meadowlands – Masquerade
Cliff Dweller – The Sound was Always Beautiful Under the Electrical Wires
Wrecked – Drum Songz 1-6
Luggage – Unseen Buds, Infinite, Hidden Well
Derek Rogers – Dis-in-gen-u-ous
Professional Flowers – Storm Rang
Minka Birds – Tourmaline Suppository
Rug – Equestrians

Join us in MoMA’s sculpture garden August 13th. Lower Dens are performing. S&S is DJing. There’s a Facebook event here, and more on the entire MoMA Nights series with Newtown Radio here.