Stadiums & Shrines


A summer’s respite, a screen’s dimness down, eyes squinted, interface giving way to pasture, the hum of a windowless building and episode 34.

The first hour belonged to Patient Sounds, meaning all 60 minutes of sound were exceptionally patient/from the PS catalog. The second hour remained mostly in the present (excluding some Italian psych and the heavy air of Pure X), featuring London producer (and recent Jenny Hval-re-worker) Kelly Lee Owen‘s tribute to Arthur Russell, Leon Vynehall‘s tribute to autobahns, Molly Nilsson‘s tribute to Windows 95’, and Julia Holter’s tribute to solitude in chaos (and perhaps her dog).

Hour One: PS05
Lee Noble – Out of Out
Glassine – Human Shield
Nerftoss – Rico Chord
Molly Shannon Molly Shannon – Maria Corti
The Continent Strings – Whale Song (edit excerpt)
Braeyden Jae – Most Quiet Feeling
Tables & Chairs – Storm Signals
Hakobune – When It Arrives
Eola – The Lights (for Mom)
M. Sage – Werewolf Perfume

Hour Two
Pure X – Heavy Air
Kelly Lee Owens – Arthur
Leon Vynehall – Midnight on Rainbow Road
Molly Nilsson – 1995
Le Orme – Ad Gloriam
Julia Holter – Feel You
Simon Scott – Für Betty
Gideon Wolf – Hungry Bear
The Variable Why – Memory Burn

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