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Orbiting our own Milky Way, the two Magellanic Clouds coexist thousands of light-years apart as irregular galaxies—meaning they never stay any one shape. And while ‘magellanic’ is in reference to the great explorer, the word itself almost takes on that same amorphous trait, especially when attached to such classic shape-shifters like clouds. Mark Webber‘s use of it certainly makes the case that a second definition be added: Mag`el`lan´ic – lacking definite form, yet indisputably beautiful.

Just weeks ago, a Great Marble ground itself into fragmental flow—oddly serene, it was one of the most repeatable scenes to unfold in recent memory. As an untitled, wordless standalone, it could only hint at some larger, more concrete frenzy in the works. Now that initial experience can be considered “Sand” and its cycle points straight to Idiot Box, a delicately active EP of Webber-Sherman arrangements.

Great Marble | Idiot Box
Great Marble | Sand

It sits (triple-tongue) tied in a bow at bandcamp.