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Windows rendered obsolete, opaque in frost; the neighborhood, barren…

Mark Webber worked on Plenti during the winter of 2012, each session taking place in the early hours of the AM. He arranged the set—naming both tracks after streets in Toronto—for The Cold Show, an interdisciplinary art exhibit held in an unheated space, centered around the feeling of being cold, both physically and emotionally.

Plenti is available at bandcamp.


When the sun goes down, she comes around:

Great Marble | What You Need

For about a year now, something’s been pulling Toronto’s Great Marble towards pop. They first appeared as a swirl of particles, before getting boxed up and saturated in beige. And now the sand has hissed into their amps too, packed underneath the fretboards of their guitars…this a band, this is Lou Reed and his lover stranded in the desert.

What You Need becomes a 7″ in late September. Hear side B at bandcamp.


Orbiting our own Milky Way, the two Magellanic Clouds coexist thousands of light-years apart as irregular galaxies—meaning they never stay any one shape. And while ‘magellanic’ is in reference to the great explorer, the word itself almost takes on that same amorphous trait, especially when attached to such classic shape-shifters like clouds. Mark Webber‘s use of it certainly makes the case that a second definition be added: Mag`el`lan´ic – lacking definite form, yet indisputably beautiful.