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After seven years in the neighborhood, Ela Orleans is moving back over the big sea. She’ll be performing one last time as a local next Wednesday, June 1st at Goodbye Blue Monday. This farewell night was arranged with her input; these acts are friends, these vibes are custom shaped with love. Entry is free, details at FB.

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“You’ve got your finger on the trigger, point it at the hole in the world…”

Back on the hill where Matt Jones aka It is rain in my face. prolifically navigates, this time with some company. Most notably: a guitar.

It is rain in my face. | Small Prayer
It is rain in my face. | Too Blue

He offers the intimate, Small Prayer quite modestly “in the meantime” before what looks to be another EP this summer. It’s been zipped up in a link hosted on that ever-growing soundcloud.



Last night, NFOP had the honor of introducing this castle in the sands of [^] LAND, built by two minds, It Is Rain In My Face and Pressed And. Today, it continues to shimmer off the shoreline, standing as a “propulsive contemplation directed toward psychic homeostasis and oneness.”

It Is Rain In My Face | A Proud Owner of Empty Space
Pressed And | Show Them Each

Its entire presence should be marveled at bandcamp.


DS: What is Pat Pat?

“Its title is nonsensical. The vision I had when creating “Pat Pat” was sitting on the Himalayan Mountains looking down on the world.”

Pressed And | Pat Pat

It circles like a delightful case of vertigo. Pressed And is Andrew of ArnHao (answering above) and Matt aka It Is Rain In My Face:

It Is Rain In My Face | Fast As A Feather
ArnHao | Oh?! (Intangible Fantasy)