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and with our bare hands we turn to one another
reach below a universal line of sight
and lift our tent.
tremendously it begins to rise.
we watch our tent adhere to the environment surrounding.
our hands the creators of our universe
our minds the collaborators of our hands
our experience the distinction between our minds
our knowledge the harkening of our experience
our culture the reason for such knowledge.

heavy winds will rotate the perspective of our tent
but as shade will absorb a glare ceases to harm.
we are the spiritual center of our universe
inquiring among orbiting planets
taking breath among foreign agents
forging a new magnetism of place.

~ Noah Klein, FMLY

We are only two days away from the neighborhood-wide celebration of a community that circles the globe. FMLY FEST Brooklyn kicks off this Thursday at Mckibbin Park before expanding into various bedrooms, basements, rooftops, and backyards Friday and Saturday—each night closing at Shea Stadium. Further details, including the schedule, tickets, and how you can adopt-a-band, live here.

Watch what it’s all about, and stream the nearly 50 acts:

Also, Noah expounded on the ideas reflected above in this excellent interview with PORTALS.

After seven years in the neighborhood, Ela Orleans is moving back over the big sea. She’ll be performing one last time as a local next Wednesday, June 1st at Goodbye Blue Monday. This farewell night was arranged with her input; these acts are friends, these vibes are custom shaped with love. Entry is free, details at FB.

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