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Last night, NFOP had the honor of introducing this castle in the sands of [^] LAND, built by two minds, It Is Rain In My Face and Pressed And. Today, it continues to shimmer off the shoreline, standing as a “propulsive contemplation directed toward psychic homeostasis and oneness.”

It Is Rain In My Face | A Proud Owner of Empty Space
Pressed And | Show Them Each

Its entire presence should be marveled at bandcamp.


DS: What is Pat Pat?

“Its title is nonsensical. The vision I had when creating “Pat Pat” was sitting on the Himalayan Mountains looking down on the world.”

Pressed And | Pat Pat

It circles like a delightful case of vertigo. Pressed And is Andrew of ArnHao (answering above) and Matt aka It Is Rain In My Face:

It Is Rain In My Face | Fast As A Feather
ArnHao | Oh?! (Intangible Fantasy)