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Rather than cover every color of the past year, episode eighty-four concentrates on the warmer and slower shades, the fine pink mist, as lifted from Chicago downtempo dub trio Purelink. But within the mist — favorites, in no particular order, selected from a more extensive set — mood and texture vary; the natural world, viewed through various prisms. Malibu’s engulfing deep sea synth work, the rustling neighborhood trees and chirps of Duval Timothy’s piano-led reflections, and the dust vibrating from the rafters of Rachika Nayar’s cathartic, rave-shaped drone music, to name a few.

Hinako Omori – A Journey (a journey…, Houndstooth)
Duval Timothy – Up (Meeting with a Judas Tree, Carrying Colour)
Cole Pulice – City in a City (Scry, Moon Glyph)
Purelink – Fine Pink Mist (Purelink, UwU Dust Bath)
Salamanda – Kiddo Caterpillar (ashbalkum, Human Pitch)
Dylan Henner – Today I Learned What Makes Bugs Sick And How To Tie My Shoelaces (You Always Will Be, AD 93)
Voice Actor – Badman (Sent From My Telephone, Stroom)
Anna Butterss – Doo Wop (Activities, Colorfield Records)
Isik Kural – Pillow of a Thought (in february, RVNG Intl.)
Whatever The Weather – 36°C (Whatever The Weather, Ghostly International)
Florist – Sci-fi Silence (Florist, Double Double Whammy)
Trance Farmers – Purple Hay (Queen Of Nowhere, IKKI)
Sage Martens – Riding Fences (Riding Fences, Edições CN)
Spencer Zahn – In The Days Of Slowness (Pale Horizon, Cascine)
Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer – On the Other Sea (Recordings from the Åland Islands, International Anthem)
Malibu – Atlantic Diva (Palaces of Pity, UNO NYC)
Dania – Anomaly (Voz, Geographic North)
More Eaze – Your Call (Strawberry Season, Leaving Records)
Ulla Straus – For Your Love (Foam, 3XL)
Time Wharp – Mixo World (Spiro World, Leaving Records)
Lynn Avery/Cole Pulice – Plantwood (Day) (To Live & Die In Space & Time, Moon Glyph)
Raum – Daughter (Daughter, YellowElectric)
marine eyes – cedarwood (chamomile, Past Inside The Present)
Courtesy – Night Journeys III (Night Journeys, Kulør)
Kareem Ali – Solace (His Pain) (The Ballad of Mister Shine, CosmoFlux)
Rachika Nayar – Heaven Come Crashing (feat. Maria BC) (Heaven Come Crashing, NNA Tapes)

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Episode eighty-two came together in the morning hours of New Year’s Day, 2022. The set runs softy through favorites of the last year, like an excerpt from the larger playlist. Artwork by our daughter, Bowie.

Salamanda – Offertorio (Sphere, Métron Records)
Rosie Lowe & Duval Timothy – Son (Son, Carrying Colour)
Li Yilei – CHU / 處 (之 / OF, Métron Records)
KMRU – Und (Logue, Injazero Records)
M. Sage With The Spinnaker Ensemble – Zephyr Ponderosa Pollen (The Wind of Things, Geographic North)
Nala Sinephro – Space 4 (Space 1.8, Warp)
John Glacier – Some Other Thing (SHILOH: Lost For Words, PLZ Make It Ruins)
Lael Neale – Every Star Shivers in the Dark (Acquainted with Night, Sub Pop)
Jeff Parker – Four Folks (Forfolks, International Anthem)
Wau Wau Collectif – Mouhamodou Lo and His Children (Yaral Sa Doom, Sahel Sounds)
L’Rain – Blame Me (Fatigue, Mexican Summer)
Elori Saxl – Wave I (The Blue of Distance, Western Vinyl)
HTRK – Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones (Rhinestones, N & J Blueberries)
Arooj Aftab – Inayaat (Vulture Prince, New Amsterdam)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri – Moon In Your Eye (I Could Be Your Dog (Prequel), Ghostly International)
Tonstartssbandht – What Has Happened (Petunia, Mexican Summer)
Myriam Gendron – Le tueur de femmes (Ma délire – Songs of love, lost & found, Feeding Tube)
Grouper – Promise (Shade, Kranky)

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In order of appearance, on the 50th episode of S&S Radio, our favorite albums of 2016:

Robert Stillman – Rainbow [Orindal]
M. Sage – Needleworks [Patient Sounds Intl.]
Sean McCann – Music for Public Ensemble [Recital]
Eola – Dang [Leaving Records]
Jackie Lynn – Jackie Lynn [Thrill Jockey]
Duke Hugh – Canvas [Rhythm Section International]
Maria Usbeck – Amparo [Cascine]
Melanie Velarde – Parcel [RVNG Intl.’s Commend See]
Jenny Hval – Blood Bitch [Sacred Bones]
Huerco S. – For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) [Proibito]
Frank Ocean – Blonde [Boys Don’t Cry]
Danny Clay – Stills [IIKKI]
Ian William Craig – Zugzwang for Fostex [Patient Sounds Intl.]
Mal Devisa – Kiid [self-released]
Japanese Breakfast – Psychopomp [Yellow K]
Sister Grotto – Blindside [Heavy Mess]
Lomelda – 4E* [Punctum Records]

Video by Matthew J. Sage.

E50 is also archived at our SoundCloud.

Thank you.

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Additionally, archived below is a special year-end episode of S&S Radio.


Setlist: December 12th, 2015
Headaches – I
Kara-Lis Coverdale – SPLASH 144
Jasmine Guffond – Lisa’s Opening
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – The Last Time I Saw Your Face
Long Beard – Summer Fall
Sun Pack – Albizia Lebbek
Wished Bone – Witty Boys Make Graves
Emily Yacina – Soft Stuff
Soft Cat – A Disturbance on the Surface of a Body of Water
Katie Dey – Fear o The Dark
Cindy Lee – Last Train’s Come And Gone
Helen – The Original Faces
100% – The Library
Jenny Hval – Sabbath
100% – 5/9/14 4:32 AM
Annabel (lee) – Could It Be The Siren Loves?
Nerftoss – Namastay, Please
Julia Holter – Betsy On The Roof
Nils Frahm – Ode
Circuit Des Yeux – Ride Blind
Steve Sobs – infinity is a feeling
Molly Nilsson – 1995
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Glide
Lower Dens – Sucker’s Shangri-La
Kelly Lee Owens – Uncertain
Palmbomen II – Carina Sayles
Rival Consoles – Low
Jlin – Abnormal Restriction
Anna Meredith – R-Type
Braids – Warm Like Summer
Noah – (Interlude – Doll)
Nadia – same/adore you
Bing & Ruth – And Then It Rained

Thank you.