Stadiums & Shrines


Rather than cover every color of the past year, episode eighty-four concentrates on the warmer and slower shades, the fine pink mist, as lifted from Chicago downtempo dub trio Purelink. But within the mist — favorites, in no particular order, selected from a more extensive set — mood and texture vary; the natural world, viewed through various prisms. Malibu’s engulfing deep sea synth work, the rustling neighborhood trees and chirps of Duval Timothy’s piano-led reflections, and the dust vibrating from the rafters of Rachika Nayar’s cathartic, rave-shaped drone music, to name a few.

Hinako Omori – A Journey (a journey…, Houndstooth)
Duval Timothy – Up (Meeting with a Judas Tree, Carrying Colour)
Cole Pulice – City in a City (Scry, Moon Glyph)
Purelink – Fine Pink Mist (Purelink, UwU Dust Bath)
Salamanda – Kiddo Caterpillar (ashbalkum, Human Pitch)
Dylan Henner – Today I Learned What Makes Bugs Sick And How To Tie My Shoelaces (You Always Will Be, AD 93)
Voice Actor – Badman (Sent From My Telephone, Stroom)
Anna Butterss – Doo Wop (Activities, Colorfield Records)
Isik Kural – Pillow of a Thought (in february, RVNG Intl.)
Whatever The Weather – 36°C (Whatever The Weather, Ghostly International)
Florist – Sci-fi Silence (Florist, Double Double Whammy)
Trance Farmers – Purple Hay (Queen Of Nowhere, IKKI)
Sage Martens – Riding Fences (Riding Fences, Edições CN)
Spencer Zahn – In The Days Of Slowness (Pale Horizon, Cascine)
Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer – On the Other Sea (Recordings from the Åland Islands, International Anthem)
Malibu – Atlantic Diva (Palaces of Pity, UNO NYC)
Dania – Anomaly (Voz, Geographic North)
More Eaze – Your Call (Strawberry Season, Leaving Records)
Ulla Straus – For Your Love (Foam, 3XL)
Time Wharp – Mixo World (Spiro World, Leaving Records)
Lynn Avery/Cole Pulice – Plantwood (Day) (To Live & Die In Space & Time, Moon Glyph)
Raum – Daughter (Daughter, YellowElectric)
marine eyes – cedarwood (chamomile, Past Inside The Present)
Courtesy – Night Journeys III (Night Journeys, Kulør)
Kareem Ali – Solace (His Pain) (The Ballad of Mister Shine, CosmoFlux)
Rachika Nayar – Heaven Come Crashing (feat. Maria BC) (Heaven Come Crashing, NNA Tapes)

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