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If one were to record the many hours of sound filling Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery this Friday, and then play it back in some lucky, randomized fast forward-play-fast forward-play-and so on pattern, for about 30 minutes, it might turn out something like this sampler. Or it very well could produce in an entirely different and equally satisfying set of excerpts, like V1, which is now over at Neon Musical Insight. We encourage both routes, and hope they lead you to N 6th Street in four days.


Find all specifics at the FB event page.

A fusion of vibes with stellar blog friend Neon Musical Insight has resulted in one very full night of music at Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery on Friday, January 21st. We are excited. Details to follow at the FB event. And more on these bands we love as the days get closer.

Special thanks to Nathaniel from Think or Smile for the poster.


FREEwilly and S&S have joined forces to bring you a special night of communal vibes at Glasslands Gallery on Wednesday, October 20th.

We start celebrating this music at 6pm. And we won’t stop till 4am (with the DJ help of Awesome Tapes From Africa‘s Brian S).

More details to follow on the FB page.  Hope to see you there!