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Since the start of the year, episodes of Up In The Clouds—our freeform show on Brooklyn-based internet station Newtown Radio—have been steadily, while somewhat stealthily, populating this archive.

Last night, Mister Lies and Foxes in Fiction (also shoutout Brian Vu and Cuddle Formation) came by the studio for what can be considered an Orchid Tapes takeover. Nick provided a guest mix compiling some of the music that inspired his album Shadow (out October 28th). Warren, who arrived from the airport just in time to plug in for the second hour, performed a set of “deeper, weirder cuts” as well as a new song finished earlier that day.

[Hour 1, Mister Lies Mix]
Knower – Trust The Light
Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today
Steve Hauschildt – Uncanny Valley
The Blue Nile – Seven AM
Judee Sill – The Kiss (Live)
Prefab Sprout – Nightingales
Spencer Cole – Oh My Dear, Alright, You’re Right
Arthur Russell – You And Me Both
Thomas – So Many Dreams About You
The Roches – Hammond Song
Oneohtrix Point Never – Russian Mind
K Leimer – Two Voices
David Sylvian – Silver Moon Over Sleeping Steeples
Seal – Violet
[Hour 2]
58:00-1:19:00 – Interlude ~ Yoshimura/Eno/HEDIA (as Warren sets up)
Foxes in Fiction Live

Thanks all. Next show is Tuesday, October 28th.



Four worlds expand over separate easels and outwards, selectively intertwined by the unknown—this constant, revolving sense of consideration.

A manor constructed over a reservoir, its residents accept life at an aqueous tilt. Two tribes peel Mount Victoria from the water’s edge, its range perpetually snow-capped, sapphire blues overlap. Badlands collapse into boreal forest and back again; horses gallop above the timberline; a man repels through time, reading the eons, meter by meter.

Eyes between canvas and cliff, she watches him, wondering what other accents of hers might appear and which may fade. Like the seasons, but more sporadic, she thought, like emotions.


Cemeteries is Kyle J. Reigle, whose debut album was one of our favorites of 2012. Foxes in Fiction is Warren Hildebrand, whose debut album was one of our favorites of 2010. Kyle has a release due out later this month under the side project Camp Counselors on his own Snowbeast Records. Warren has a release in the works as well as a showcase in Brooklyn this Saturday for his own Orchid Tapes. Busy, beautiful people.