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My Spiral Arm


Here as Sound of Ceres, Karen and Ryan (of Candy Claws) have constructed their own Yellowstone inside a home studio. The new project reaches for new territory—just as unmistakably dreamt as past work while slightly sharper so far. Guitar, percussion, synthesizer… everything is more tangible on “My Spiral Arm”. It’s an exceptionally warm and curious song about a shape in the deep green sea, arranged with a live environment in mind (which is quite exciting).

Dreams of Austria


A milky bridge rolls over the alps of Zell am See. Morning glory foreign.

Somewhere in the valley, a cathedral bellows. Organ cries ricochet in thermal currents.

A great lift; the wings respond.

White horses prance below, their lines written loosely across the vast face of the mossy glade.

Curiously charmed, the passengers wish this drift to last—to reach some zephyr’s summit, or recede into the lost sanctuary. Or even to arrive in the company of extinct creatures.

Alas, the shade casts across the patchwork, racing to meet the glider as its brief voyage hovers to an elegant halt.


Candy Claws are no strangers to lands dreamt or hidden. We’re honored they decided to hang here with us, coincidentally right before backpacking the Austrian Alps in reality, which is roughly where they are at the moment. Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time, their 4th full length album, is due out June 25th on twosyllable.


Growing since winter, this pastel dreamland continues to reward with each visit—so much that my silence is no longer acceptable. From the same imaginations that once spoke of lands Hidden, these narrated vistas skew like a raised-relief map dipped in liquid. Strangely persuasive, they should be channeled only when mental periphery is primed and ready to soar.

Candy Claws | The Cliff on the Water

The Candy Claws in Dreamland soundtrack updates weekly at bandcamp.