Stadiums & Shrines

“Surroundings may at first appear normal, and the patient may gradually become aware of something uncanny in the atmosphere.[…] Everything gets a new meaning. The environment is somehow different—not to a gross degree—perception is unaltered in itself but there is some change which envelops everything with a subtle, pervasive and strangely uncertain light.[…] Something seems in the air which one cannot account for…” – False awakening, a vivid dream about waking up.

Created by Celeste Byers for San Francisco’s Disappearing People.

The 15 chemically burnt minutes below (from which the video pulls) will appear on a future cassette.


Growing since winter, this pastel dreamland continues to reward with each visit—so much that my silence is no longer acceptable. From the same imaginations that once spoke of lands Hidden, these narrated vistas skew like a raised-relief map dipped in liquid. Strangely persuasive, they should be channeled only when mental periphery is primed and ready to soar.

Candy Claws | The Cliff on the Water

The Candy Claws in Dreamland soundtrack updates weekly at bandcamp.



This track swam around last summer and now we see its video taking the same lap, and I can’t help but join in. Too much of a send-off candidate not to let it ride.  

Rainbow Bridge, hailing from Olympia, Washington, have a 7″ and more in the works. In the meantime, another fleet of relaxation beats was given away by Underwater Peoples over the holidays and has since kicked its legs out in my apartment. Real Estate, Ducktails, Mountain Man, Rainbow Bridge, and a bliss-load of others for you to get acquainted with. Tracklist, blurbage, and direct download via

Have fun. Be safe. Get weird.