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RxRy | L.3_Glacious

Glacious belongs to L, which resides in Alpha, a complete and approaching release. This massive particle arrangement will be worth the wait, and hopefully can spread over some wax one day.
RxRy‘s self portrait hangs above, and words, below:

in a space between two points of light
a swarm of dust ripples waves
on the open jaws of the evening

yawn like rain clouds parting slowly
across the entombed face of geography
frozen in ice that was Mesozoic vapors

galactic gyre of fractured meteoric tail
across the tender arc of the glass dome
the soft curve of the sky’s one skull

suspended in dry air over opaque ranges
the flux of tide’s shallowest breath
spinning sand and bones in spiracles

harbingers of stasis and furled feathers
as slow as the sun forgetting favor
or diamonds flowing cold in the brook.

space clouds tail dry feathers

dust geography glass tide’s favor

jaws ice skull spiracle diamonds

tail feathers
glass favor
skull diamonds

clouds dry
geography tides
ice spiracle