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Dreams of Thailand


Broadcasting a transmission, out and into the ether, live from the stage, from the microcosmic amphitheater. On the shores of the river, the audience lingers, sculling the wake in skiffs. The station operators cluster about the temple’s fells, and shivering slightly ankle bells. Silken flutter and spinning narrative web around and about. Puncturing the atmosphere, the dome, with a message of varying clarity, but a promise. The signal from the crystal set claims to herald from Yialmel …

… But from here, across a barrier, through a window or a screen, in a dream, receiving the transmission with a diode sheen:

It’s unclear if the signal means, but certainly the beacon sings.


Diva is the meditational healing and inter-dimensional pop project of Los Angeles-based artist Diva Dompe. Her work has taken various form since Pocahaunted days, recently over a series of tapes on Leaving Records, and currently through tranquil Yialmelic explorations via Dublab. Diva’s latest album, Divinity In Thee, is out on Stones Throw imprint Circle Star.

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Genuine intrigue surrounded She-Devils‘ set last May at FORM Arcosanti. That energy digitizes today, with the Montreal duo’s first bit of recorded material now out (plus a music video via Gorilla vs. Bear). “COME” is unquestionably mesmeric and keenly influenced (50s/60s surf/rock & roll, French pop, exotica, etc)—fresh, disorienting, immediate… an all-caps whisper in the ear.

Their debut EP arrives January 15th, 2016.



Last December, a 30 minute mp3 named “built_off_off_mix_5_cello7” unexpectedly guided our travels through New Zealand. The file had a way of draping terrains, scoring moments of wonder across myriad landscapes, colors both vibrant and muted, golden and glacial. Landon Speers, an interdisciplinary artist (and friend of S&S) from the ‘prairies of western Canada’ now living in Brooklyn, sent over the rough edit for feedback. This was the early days of Aluphor, his serene new album as Headaches, out today on Human Pitch. A series of pulsing movements—built primarily from synth and cello—Aluphor can inspire sensory awareness, over time proving itself very generous, understated, and fully realized ambient work.

Landon is an accomplished photographer, and his eye informs the album’s tasteful artwork and audiovisual stream (embedded below via FACT). He’s a dreamer for sure, drawn to “people’s ability to have heightened visceral experiences when listening to music.” Here, in loose conversation, he explores this interaction between mediums:

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The fall is so kind to bring about the following convergence: Bing & Ruth will celebrate the reissue of their debut LP City Lake on RVNG Intl., with an 11-piece ensemble performance at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Port St. Willow will mark the release of Syncope (via People Teeth), performing the album in its entirety. Fellow favorite Julie Byrne opens the night. And we couldn’t be happier to present it all alongside RVNG Intl., Tuesday, November 17th.

Tickets are available here, and the FB event is here.


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