Stadiums & Shrines
Dreams of Quebec


Peripheral maroons, blues, and ecrus stretch beyond the sled’s icy spray. Accelerating downward, cascading slope, past cheers, speed’s climbing silence.

The children glide through unknown clearance, piercing the cavern, the illustrious halls of Perce Rock illuminated by temporal projections. Witness to their time-lagged descent broadcast onto the arched rock face interior, seeing their locale moments before, as they skim through time, touring new and absolute fantasias.


Bing & Ruth is a seven piece ensemble (two upright bassists, two clarinetists, a cellist and a tape delay tech) lead by pianist and composer David Moore. Their second LP, the sublime Tomorrow Was the Golden Age, is out now on RVNG Intl.

The In Between Years


Popular music from 1959 to 1963 is the source of inspiration (and material itself) for Chuck Blazevic’s latest release. These heavily processed ambient pieces explore the tragedy of that era’s transition (“when teen music dominated the charts between the waning of rock ‘n’ roll in ’59 and the flowering of ‘rock’ in ’64″). Nostalgia, heartbreak, innocence lost… engrained imagery flash alongside Chuck’s mournful work here—which recalls the more subdued, formless stretches of his other project, You’ll Never Get To Heaven. Opener “Adagietto For Priscilla”, a nod to The Paris Sisters, bends vocal and string snippets into a haunting, slow-motion choir. The technique repeats throughout, perhaps at its most devastating when the second half of “You Take My Love For Granted” bursts into static.

The cassette is out today via Mystic Roses.

My Spiral Arm


Here as Sound of Ceres, Karen and Ryan (of Candy Claws) have constructed their own Yellowstone inside a home studio. The new project reaches for new territory—just as unmistakably dreamt as past work while slightly sharper so far. Guitar, percussion, synthesizer… everything is more tangible on “My Spiral Arm”. It’s an exceptionally warm and curious song about a shape in the deep green sea, arranged with a live environment in mind (which is quite exciting).