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The idea initially was to recruit a few meditative sounds and sequence them into auditory motion. Then it swelled into eleven videos, taking that notion of motion more literally. We (Tyler of Flashlight tag and S&S) saw an opportunity here not only to showcase some of our favorite musicians, but to highlight a growing number of talented visual artists; specifically those in the Vimeo community crafting outside traditional music video means. To our humble delight, each of the selected visionaries accepted the invitation as well as their assigned song (playing matchmaker was quite fun). The downloadable portion lives at Flashlight Tag, a limited run of 20 cassettes is being made possible by Orchid Tapes, and the video playlist follows all credits (link exploration encouraged), below.

01. Ricky Eat Acid – “Strawberries” (envisioned by BriAnna Olson)
02. Phantom Power – “I Don’t Get You” (envisioned by LAND O’ GOSHEN)
03. KYNAN – “Get Lost” (envisioned by The Tearist)
04. Cemeteries – “Home” (envisioned by Stephanie Cafarella)
05. Monster Rally – “Color Sky” (envisioned by Nathaniel Whitcomb)
06. It is rain in my face – “Fell Around” (envisioned by Wooden Lens)
07. Lizard Kisses – “Waywards” (envisioned by Dino Rossi)
08. Ra Cailum – “Asbel” (envisioned by Panaframe)
09. RxRy – “Strm Conjurr” (envisioned by RxRy)
10. Swartz – “Prayer for My City” (envisioned by Swartz)
11. Foxes in Fiction – “School Night” (envisioned by Jamie Harley)

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