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RG1E otherwise known as “Reggie” was created in Ibiza and planted in Harlem to infiltrate the local club scene. His success is yet to be determined but there have been reports of “a shitty electro reggaeton sampler” selling out at stores in Chinatown, which can only mean good things, as the kids begin to experiment.

Catamaran | Reggie

“Reggie” leads off the debut, extra-full length from Manhattan’s Catamaran, which will see an MJ MJ release on December 6th. Until then, four of its numbers are streaming, and those double Jordans are having themselves a special sale.


Face down in a notebook, mind up past the ceiling…no time for academia when there’s a stained glass rave to be dreamt:

Yalls | Ivy League

Bay area beat-folk whiz kid Yalls has an hour long tape on the way with MJ MJ, laying out both EPs and nine newbies (one above). Request it tangibly here.


Radiator Girls is actually just one boy. Youthful contradictions continue… there’s a girl’s body he wants, but he’s afraid of it. There’s a twisted plea delivered with the riff appeal of a 50s surfer bash—recorded in his parent’s basement.

Radiator Girls | Eerie Body

And on the next track, we’re back to: “I don’t want her anyway.”

Black Girls, an MJ MJ split cassette with Blackhawks, is at bandcamp.