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Dreams of India


Two skies meet at the indigo hour. The rails of the infinite staircase edged—one sky pale blue, the other crimson—swirling upwards to the margin. Walls vanish, and bathers flock to the yawning mouth of Ganges River.

Knowing the eclipse is near, Scorpio dashes across the marble terrace. Unnoticed, as mosaic pillars flash, he swipes the sacred reliquary.

Each ascending step brings him further from the city, closer to the gods—he hopes. Glancing back, down, one last time; a hundred spires line the horizon. Scorpio laughs in a fit of victory, twisting ahead again to face his new universe, and, to his surprise, its wrath. With a single brush of the sun, his vapor paints the air in a howl.


Megafortress is Bill Gillim and Michael Barron. Noah Wall joins them here in a collaboration we will be hearing more from. Both projects also have releases of their own in the works.


Diamond Mouth Surprise, the “monthly night of writing music film pictures talking chanting dancing loving communing,” was held last Saturday in its usual high ceiling-ed apartment space in Williamsburg. One of four performances (which included Noah Wall sound-sculpting crystal glass frequencies, photos below), was the debut projection of Bill Gillim’s new Megafortress release (out 1/31 on Software) with a Grant Nitsch-made video for each song. The internet saw “Green Child” last week (via Pitchfork) and now “My Favorite Girl” today (via Dummy). The rest should arrive soon, and when it does, we recommend a full, start to finish viewing—it’s a gorgeous and cohesive series, and also quite expansive given the ingredients Grant limited himself to. My curiosity into his process grew throughout that show, and while the Kansas City native wasn’t present to ask, he was just an email away:

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It’s been 12 months since our first glasslandic party, and in that time, S&S senses have been pulled more and more towards capabilities outside of standard band to band showcases. Building on ideas explored last July, we’ve mapped out a true night of sound and vision. Performances from favorites Pressed And, Noah Wall, Megafortress, Gem Club, and RxRy will be set to motion by the fused imagination of videographers BriAnna Oslon and Nathaniel Whitcomb. It’s happening October 19th, at a multi-use creative facility in Brooklyn (13 Greenpoint Ave) known as The End.

Hope to see you there—details at FB.

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What’s waiting at the end of this dark mirrored hallway is too bright for open doors, but its current still finds a way out. Through cracks, loose bolts, curious glimpses, a falsetto laser and mantra mist carry on, multiplying with the spirit of MEGAFORTRESS.

MEGAFORTRESS | Police Elevator
MEGAFORTRESS | Freedom From Fear

The man is Bill Gillim (of Tigercity) and today his EP has been freed by our Dracula Horse friends.