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On any square of the calendar, Angel Falls, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, drew the eyes of hundreds. Deservingly so. But today it moved differently, vibrating like the strings of a harp—clouded, as if rethinking the pace of its own flow. One could say it had been interrupted.

Down below, the people reacted to the rumblings in far less harmony; a siren sounded, cueing most to flee. Still, from the bridge a small crowd looked on as darkness overtook the crest of the tallest mountain. Above it emerged the cause of this eclipse, something no person at that distance could quite define.

In a slow, mesmerizing descent, the structure carved across the countryside, denting sheets of land with ease. And with under a mile to go, and among the last inches of daylight, the silhouette finally took shape. A mast grew, and out from each opening of this incomprehensible vessel, arms dangled elongated and sinewy, their glow bouncing off Angel Falls and into the dusk.


Meadowlands is Brooklyn-based synth-expressionist Michael McGregor, who currently has work being released through Hexagon, Patient Sounds, and Moon Glyph (including a track on their recent two volume compilation).