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We are thrilled to announce our first collaboration with Diamond Mouth Surprise, a collective of curators that host a monthly night of sounds, images, and words in Brooklyn. Given our friendship, and the overlap of our worlds, this all just made sense.

With each event DMS offers prose as introduction. Here’s the start to August’s:

The Mystery of the Beach Raven Revealed?

The alignment of Diamond Mouth Surprise and Stadiums & Shrines occurs in two phases: 13-year and 17-year. It is rare for these phases to align, but that is precisely what is happening this Saturday. The last time it occurred, the same human-like figure appeared at every ritual observance, levitated upon a raft of light, and spat out thousands of birds, bats, and butterflies, before disappearing in a salty vapor that left all witnesses in a wash of physical and intellectual stimulation. Reports of this figure are consistent in two other ways: 1) the figure, who spoke many tongues, referred to itself only as Beach Raven, and 2) significant divergences in the testimonies from individual sites leave us with indeterminate descriptions of the being. Some theories as to the identity of Beach Raven include: Beach Raven is a ceremonial pseudonym for Ambrose Bierce, who is said to have survived for decades after disappearing in the desert in 1913 by drinking an elixir made in part from the blood of a species of lizard capable of regenerating limbs…. Continue reading, learn more about each artist, and RSVP at FB.