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Back when the Pressed And guys drew on our roof, Imbue Up wasn’t much more than a zip file of unmastered tracks. On that summer afternoon though, Andrew and Matt shared a few of their ambitions, and sparkling among them was this: a video for each of the seven songs, all assigned with a deliberate lack of global direction. A flight of visual artists would respond (including Slow Motion alums BriAnna Olson, Wooden Lens, Stephanie Cafarella, LAND O’ GOSHEN, and Nathaniel Whitcomb). And if you’ve been riding along, you’ve seen four finished pieces circulate. Below are the final three, within the context of the entire set. Which, somewhat unpredictably, is how this is fully realized—a whole greater than the sum of its parts, or as Andrew Hamlet put it recently while presenting the project in a Chapel Hill theater:

“It appears that placing full trust in the music to direct the filmmakers was best. Totally organic—totally entropic. We have allowed the universe to work its wonders.”

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