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Inanimate to an unfocused eye, yet, if an ear were pressed against it…

As evidenced by the smooth, barely-varying pulse of its soundcloud wave, Solar Year‘s “Lines” is completely, and quite serenely, flattened here by Heathered Pearls. While such a treatment could risk erasing identity, this one preserves just enough—somewhere in that hum is a crucial trace of the original, the lines carry on.

Waverly, their 2012 debut, is set for re-release on vinyl June 25th via Ceremony (US) and Splendour (EU). Jakub’s own Loyal LP is available through Ghostly.


Jakub Alexander has a way with tone and gradient. It can be heard in his work as Heathered Pearls, the latest of which is Loyal, an LP due out next month on Ghostly International. And it can be seen in his art, which has graced various projects related to the ISO50 Blog, where he curates, and Moodgadget Records, which he runs. The Brooklyn-based, Polish-born artist takes us through his colors below, along with a sonic backdrop provided for the very occasion:

Heathered Pearls | Future Totems [Mix]

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