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A city fixed upon a spindle spinning. Walkways rounding the afternoon axis. Waterways teeming like eels at high tide on a tight surface. All points arc forward; skip a shadow, graze a brick, hover above the hands of time. Any sudden pinch or push sets dimensions adrift, perspectives anew, crossing thresholds thru arches in shuffling loops.

“Afternoon to you…” a merchant waves and smiles, stepping from the entrance to the cobblestone, tipping the plane sideways for the passerby’s reply; her shop’s flowers slide and re-align when she readjusts the gyres hang.

The next round, skipping past her shop — past the mirrored arrangements, the swiveling invitations, the expired openings — she suggests a different series of doors, to a different passerby, on a different plane. Greeting new ensembles, old townfolk, interloping trajectories interwoven rotations.

“Afternoon to you…”


Songwriters Julie Byrne and Eric Littmann are radiant spirits ever in motion (touring Portugal at the moment), and dear friends of S&S. Byrne’s 2014 LP Rooms With Walls and Windows drifted among our favorites, and her 2017 follow-up (produced with Littmann) held a space all its own. The mind behind projects Phantom Power and Steve Sobs, Littmann first connected with us on a 2011 visual mixtape. From there, together we’ve done shows and wandered around the city at night. Last week Gold Flake Paint shared their contribution to Dreams alongside a few stories.

They celebrate Dreams with us July 1st at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust.

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