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Once again on the Wednesday evening of CMJ week: we’re teaming up with Portals, and enhancing environments with Nivan Yahaghi, to celebrate music. It happens inside Silent Barn. Free entry, made possible with love from Hype Machine. RSVP directly, or take the scenic route through Laurent-designed skies here.

Preview the sounds of White Poppy, Sea Oleena, Emily Reo, Gem Trails, The Interest Group, and Daniel Klag, below.



Exactly six months ago today, M. Sage performed his set at CMJ, hunched over a midi and guitar, Nathaniel‘s visual horizon spinning behind him. The rest of us were on the floor.

We are quite proud of this memory, that night, and have decided to re-enact it digitally—audio newly performed, motion collage reconstructed—for drifters everywhere.

00:00 – 03:24 Your Picture
03:25 – 10:56 Tracts of Land i & ii
10:57 – 15:54 Compass (live guitar improvisation)
15:55 – 25:29 Dynamo i – iii
25:30 – 35:37 Stratum Light i – iii (exit demo)
35:38 – 39:01 Into the World (brash edit)