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There’s a chance it sounds like a different process to you. The beauty is in chance. To me, it’s a reset button, where particles swirl back to optimal form, where all can be silenced and then sent to harmony once again.

Toronto based artist Landon Speers is Headaches. His latest composition comes with words:

“The track is one form of a semi-improvisational piece that can be played with many different outcomes. In an effort to utilize aleatoric writing, I put together 96 samples from a shitty Casio keyboard. I arranged into eight groups of twelve melodic elements ranging from lows to highs. Each group can be played/programmed separately or in unison with any other of the eight groups. Altering how samples are played the piece can take on various forms; from slow and droning to fast and percussive, thus rendering the potential for as many ways to perform it as there are chances too.”

A previous cassette is available digitally through this post at Friends With Both Arms.

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