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Brandon Locher - Mazes to the Motherlode 1


Johnstown-based artist Brandon Locher commands a certain kind of organized chaos. He’s done this over a vast body of visual and musical work since 2006—all of which compile within the Locher co-founded creative collective My Idea of Fun. The two projects spotlighted today are his most current, and perhaps together both his most indirectly complimentary and contrasting. The Meets finds Brandon at the helm of a 20-person ensemble, directing and collaging an array of orchestral instruments and field recordings. Three years of sound went into It Happens Outside, a forthcoming LP. Mazes to the Motherlode finds Brandon deeply isolated, putting ink to paper, creating grayscale labyrinths of hyper-detail. Below, we get him going on the topic of each.

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FWY! archea 2


The sound: drum machine pulses, guitar flourishes, and synth washes. The setting: California by way of construction paper landscapes. Together they are FWY!, a project distinctly focused on the sensation of driving—all the work of San Francisco resident Edmund Xavier, who takes us through its inseparable elements below.

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Watch Them Pass


Last Saturday Ashley Paul‘s record release show took place as part of Diamond Mouth Surprise. Among those in attendance was our dear friend Dan Goldberg aka The Spookfish, who was so struck by the set that he emailed her afterwards (below). The story came up over coffee with Dan yesterday and all this indeed went on to strike us as well…

“Hey just wanted to say your performance tonight was my favorite thing I’ve seen in a long time. I felt like La Sala turned into a different place when you were playing.

I also remembered a day I had forgotten about while you were performing: it was when I lived in Korea and took a really long, aimless walk and ended up walking under what seemed like endless highways next to a mountain. Then I decided to hike up the mountain trail. I ended up at a somewhat run-down Buddhist temple where monks were hitting drums at different rhythms as part of some meditation. I snuck around and listened to their drums for a while without them noticing me.

After this, I decided to continue up the mountain. I found myself on an exposed ridge that went on farther than I could see and the sun was going down. I walked as far as I could until the sun was almost down. Then I decided to turn back and take the steepest trail back down to the road under the highway tunnels before it got dark. It was barely a trail and after cutting through thick vegetation, I realized I had stumbled into a little clearing full of burial mounds. I quickly got back down after that though and then went to a party at my friend’s apartment and forgot about the whole thing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy that story and it isn’t a drag to read. It is one that hardly ever crosses my mind, but I relived it in like a split second from your music and wanted to send it to you.”

She replied kindly.

Line the Clouds is out now on REL Records, and streaming over at Ad Hoc.


Jakub Alexander has a way with tone and gradient. It can be heard in his work as Heathered Pearls, the latest of which is Loyal, an LP due out next month on Ghostly International. And it can be seen in his art, which has graced various projects related to the ISO50 Blog, where he curates, and Moodgadget Records, which he runs. The Brooklyn-based, Polish-born artist takes us through his colors below, along with a sonic backdrop provided for the very occasion:

Heathered Pearls | Future Totems [Mix]

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