Stadiums & Shrines


The city sighed; insomnia followed—birds perched on the diagonal tilt, the invisible walls—a chair on its side off axis, while a television converses with the carpet.

Little Spoon improvised those 30 minutes directly to tape, just for us. And with her blessing, we’ve ripped them to a public cloud. Over the past few months, the Boston-based experimentalist has been conducting a project called The Midnight Tapes, recording sounds at that very hour on a per order basis. Accompanying each hand-painted cassette (ours is green and yellow with eyes and a smile) is a one of a kind j-card paper collage and that night’s journal entry.

“Today felt good. Last night was fun and now today medical mary J is now legal in my state. I deal with chronic pain issues in my face by self medicating with trees and not taking my scriptz so this definitely just made my life a bunch more awesome. I watched Looper and the new Total Recall tonight with everyone at Sam’s and played drums for like 6 hours. I made cookies that are chocolate on the outside and peanut butter on the inside. They rule. That is all that happened today. <3 C"

A few more tapes-to-be remain. To claim one, shoot a mailing address and paypal ($10-$20) to And find recent release I See through Crash Symbols. Also: Dreamhaus, a vital DIY space and home to Cameron and other lovely people, was broken into last week (computers, etc were stolen)—donations are being accepted here.

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