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July 2011 was the self-assigned, blood pact-declared deadline for the fate of Nova Scotian factory-pop animals Long Long Long. If by that month, they were not famous (“and we’re talking GHOSTFACE KILLAH famous”), they would break up forever. And if they did in fact reach (GHOSTFACE-level) notoriety before the peak mating season of July, they would effectively postpone their break up until October 2011. While none of this is confirmed, it is October and they do appear to have lapsed. Or rather, reformed into Each Other. And while none of this directly corresponds to the joyous, smoky embrace of a bear, one might want to push all scenes above into the river and simply follow instructions detailed at the one minute mark below:

Each Other | Looking Lapsed
Each Other | Steam Scene

Those are the bookends of Taking Trips, a six track release at bandcamp.

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