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Dreams of Quebec


Peripheral maroons, blues, and ecrus stretch beyond the sled’s icy spray. Accelerating downward, cascading slope, past cheers, speed’s climbing silence.

The children glide through unknown clearance, piercing the cavern, the illustrious halls of Perce Rock illuminated by temporal projections. Witness to their time-lagged descent broadcast onto the arched rock face interior, seeing their locale moments before, as they skim through time, touring new and absolute fantasias.


Bing & Ruth is a seven piece ensemble (two upright bassists, two clarinetists, a cellist and a tape delay tech) lead by pianist and composer David Moore. Their second LP, the sublime Tomorrow Was the Golden Age, is out now on RVNG Intl.

Dreams is an ongoing project where we ask our favorite artists to create a piece of music inspired by a handmade collage.