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Circuit des Yeux Guest Mix


Haley Fohr doesn’t do things lightly. Overdue, her latest LP under the name Circuit des Yeux, almost demands its own intensely serious listening conditions (an isolated: highway, late night, or at least, headspace). So her response to the open-ended guest mix task is not surprising. Though it is far beyond what we could’ve imagined she’d assemble.

In her words, “these are all tracks that hit me in that special way. A knife to the heart, wearing shades in the dark, upside down on your bed, hair slightly brushing the floor type of jams. These are the top 40 radio hit songs of my indifferent side of life.”

Songs I Wouldn’t Mind Dying To (Singer Songwriter Edition):

Cynthia Dall, Untitled – “Berlin, 1945”
Tucker Zimmerman, S/T – “She’s an Easy Rider”
Ted Lucas, S/T – “Baby Where You Are”
Bob Trimble, Harvest of Dreams – “Premonitions Boy – The Reality”
V-3, Evil Love Deeper – “Your Leader”
David Lee Jr., Evolution – “Love Parable”
Nico, The Marble Index – “Frozen Warnings”
Sandra Bell, Dreams of Falling – “The Country Girls”
Dave Bixby, Ode To Quetzalcoatl – “Drug Song”
Gary Higgins, Red Hash – “It Didn’t Take Too Long”
John Fahey, Requia – “Requiem for Molly (Part 3)”
Tim Buckley, Lorca – “Lorca”
Neil Young, Silver & Gold: “Razor Love”

Overdue is out as of last week. And, having just finished a string of shows through the Midwest with Bill Callahan, Haley is now headed east alongside Jason Lescalleet.

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