Stadiums & Shrines


In a very human way, “You” finds itself somewhere between assured and uncertain. It hesitates; it glides. It commands with baritone fact and rhymes with endearing naïveté. It flourishes in delay: in strums, elegant and ominous, in strings, fairytale-bound and nightmarish.

Givan Lötz masters this mood. Or rather, this cathartic junction of moods (“obsession, loneliness, desire, paranoia, tragedy, sensuality and melancholia”). Over the past four years, the South African artist has crafted four albums of slow-moving, ‘uneasy-listening’ material. The series is nothing short of overwhelming. And soon it will be available in definitive redux version as SNARLING, a limited cassette/digital release out December 17th through Other Electricities.

In the meantime, while Lötz’s overall creative output ranges wider than we can properly wrangle at the moment, the set below is a fitting entry point.

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