Stadiums & Shrines

The lovely Maria Sleets, her eyes like white orchids in a field otherwise green, used to air-waltz in and out of rooms, conversations, and ultimately, lives. It’s not her physical absence that’s been processed now as much as it is the space she left behind. Those dark corners that sharpen each hall, the cold mirror still cued with a makeup box at its feet, the dust covered gramophone, and the lamp who’s bulb has since long passed…

With Music For Interior Shadows, Fort Collins-based artist Matthew Sage focuses on what’s missing. While sonically inspired by the recent lost memories of The Caretaker, Sage’s real thread to pull came after visiting Dan Flavin’s light sculpture exhibit at the MoMA last month in New York City. He was particularly moved by the way it utilized the space between physical elements to create composition—not the light fixtures themselves he explains, but the shadows they cast. Upon returning home, Sage dove into a stack of old records with the idea of finding minimal chunks of sound and turning them into absent compositions. What resulted is a pure and tragic, era-bending experience. And S&S is honored to host it here today:


The release will be available later this month.

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