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“A lot of songs have been written about the ocean and now my landlocked brain finally understands why. In those waves I saw beauty, chaos, nothing, infinity. It was overwhelming. We set off to make a nautical funeral of sorts or perhaps a celebration of all things eventually turning to sand. A wabi-sabi beach album for the infinite ocean.”

Mutual Benefit | Stargazer
Mutual Benefit | I Saw The Sea

We’ve been underwater with Mutual Benefit before. While that first feeling was essentially daydreamt, this one comes from somewhere more tangible. Recently inspired by a mini tour up the west coast, Jordan Lee relocated from Ohio to Boston and wrote I Saw The Sea. The stunning piece is fully formed with the help of friends including a touch of violin from Katie Pierce.

There’s also a little kickstarter up to support their Kassette Klub/Head Underwater showcase at South by Southwest. Backers will get this release and beyond.