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Episode 71 belongs to Brooklyn-based, Barcelona-born artist and film sound designer Gisela Fulla-Silvestre aka NOIA. Last spring saw the Cascine release of Crisàlida, a sprawling four-tracker informed by the myriad styles of her musical heritage (dancehall, tropicalia, R&B) with influence from cultural theory spheres. Sung seamlessly in Spanish, Catalan, and English, Fulla-Silvestre’s vocal work looks skyward, interacting with the unusual patterns of her visceral, textured productions.

Fulla-Silvestre’s entry to S&S Radio elicits a similar sensation in that it pulls from disparate universes while feeling intrinsically connected. The set is decidedly unmixed; its stitched effect resembles a run through the radio dial, with seaside salt jettisoning through a cracked car window. She explains:

“The selection is called Angeles, it’s womxn voices singing tunes that make me feel near the sea. It’s mostly a collection of Catalan, Andalusian, Mallorcan, and Spanish Folk music with inserts of an AI singer and a hidden classic by Elizabeth Fraser.”

Silvia Pérez Cruz – Pena Salada
Yona – Oblivious
Soleá Morente – Por tu querer como un niño
Eartheater – Inclined
María José Llergo – Nana Del Mediterráneo
Cocteau Twins – Circling Girl
Elza Soares – A Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo
Silvia Perez Cruz – Folegandros
Rosalía – Que Se Muere Que Se Muere
Maria Arnal y Marcel Bages – Tú Que Vienes A Rondarme
Maria del Mar Bonet – Alenar

S&S Radio broadcasts every now and then on Newtown Radio.

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