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The work of Baltimore-based field recordist and composer Danny Greenwald aka Glassine first reached S&S via Patient Sounds. On that 2015 tape, No Stairway, Greenwald manipulated the dissonant — Guitar Center’s chaos of errant keys and noodles — and unlocked a soothing and unusual kind of heaven.

At the start of 2017, Glassine released “Day One,” an evocative one-off patching together the defiant and hopeful sounds of the Women’s March, D.C (with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood in Baltimore). He is currently at work on his next album, which he says is distinctly influenced by Baltimore. When given free reign over episode 63, it is unsurprising that Greenwald, a student of his surroundings, extend a love letter to his home city. He sets it up below, followed by the tracklist with accompanying photographs from friends:

“To me, these songs have infinite replay value (save for mine, which I am really sick of, but want to share anyway). They have undoubtedly influenced my relationship with the Baltimore music-making community. However, take that with a grain of salt because I don’t get out much anymore. All of the artists on this mix currently live in the city. Everyone included — some friends, some friends of friends, some people who I just think are rad — shared an enthusiasm for this project when I contacted them. I was very grateful for that because I chose a lot of deep cuts from albums that were released years ago.

“The city of Baltimore is perpetually seething with inspiration. You’ll definitely snug the duvet end of the spectrum during the next 80 minutes, but you’ll also saunter atop emphatic concrete and AM floor pulse, slowly drip comedown sweat, listen to my grandma talking, and touch shoulders with various other budding echoes.

Try to listen with headphones.


Danny Greenwald”

Wheatie Mattiasich – Gone Gone
Microkingdom – Chrome Dynasty
Andrew Bernstein – Broken Arc
Raw Silk – Malpresentations
Jacober – Move Slow
Amy Reid – Processoaring
Bastet – Rockit
Abdu Ali – I, Exist
Matmos – Teen Paranormal Romance
Glassine – Agency
Horse Lords – Time Slip
Ami Dang – Satgur Hoye Dayall
Smoke Bellow – Mary 3000
Wume – We Go Further
Outer Spaces – I Saw You
Infinity Knives ft. :3lon – blah blah supreme
The Office of Unspecified Services – Selflessness
Jana Hunter – Paint a Babe
Nicky Smith – Soulmate
Deakin – Seed Song

Photography by Audrey Gatewood (1, 4), Joe Giordano (2, 3, 6), and Marie Machin (5, 7, 8).

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