Stadiums & Shrines


Snap. A flute’s groove dazzles through the canyon, its walls now breathing a fiery brown and green.

Snap. The great celestial lid pops off, giving way to broad strokes of purple and rose.

Each snap from the giant hand sends another piece of the Republic heating wildly out of grayscale. Every creature within reach of the kaleidoscopic call responds. The zebras are the first to act; their tails wrapped to one another, they leap in unison—out of their two-toned suits for good.

“Come on down,” people sing from the building tops. Gravity be damned, the crystal balls won’t fall, the whole show floats.


Dumbo Gets Mad is Italian provocateurs of psychedelia, Lucas and Carlotta. The duo plan to follow up their 2011 debut with the release of Quantum Leap via Bad Panda Records in early 2013, of which “Bam Bam” and “Radical Leap” have been given advance streams/screens.

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