Stadiums & Shrines
Dreams of Bali with Advanced Falconry


Proportion does not exist here; where shapes are known to change, and avatar-reincarnates blaze with radiance, delicately fetching whole mountainsides. Where the inanimate are granted life if the wind, as it arcs across, strikes just right.

A draft curved over the many shoulders and heads cluttering the quaint shop. Greeting this, the keeper arranged her orchestra from memory. Lining the circle: the outermost rows of children, further in, the eldest men, and at the center, an empty space. Without instruments, the youngest ones simply joined the crickets, humming. Others brushed against pipes and poured cups of sand from side to side.

Lanterns flickered…candles sputtered. And with one last blink came two eyes, exceptionally round, expressive, framed by the darkness alone.


Mutual Benefit is beloved stargazer Jordan Lee. Love’s Crushing Diamond is the title of his LP due out later this year. And SXSW is where he’ll be next month.

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