Stadiums & Shrines


“Peering into mineral structures reveals a still, drawn out dynamism, a symphony of silent and expanding sound; energy and movement.”

Ran to the hardware store this weekend, happened upon a gallery. Modular synth emitted from an open garage door, beyond it: 13 paintings by Brooklyn artist Lauren Klein, all vibrating within a sound sculpture by Luke Crawford.

The ‘synesthetic experience’ is on view now at Immersive Gallery, open weekends and evenings for the month of August. A few pieces, below:

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Water and Concrete 02


Tone and texture are deeply studied here over three ambient pieces by composer Daniel Weismayr and producer Alex Ives (aka SPECIMENS). Each interprets a different photograph from Lucie Rox‘s Greyhounds series (shot around Chicago and South Baltimore). Once submerged in the set, these static images almost begin to ripple and vibrate along.

Water and Concrete is available on cassette with fold out A4 prints through Tenderly Surrender.