Stadiums & Shrines


A wall enters, pillowing the horizon, flanking the foothills, inching towards the city. A ruffle of sea. The frequency is heard at first, a distant chug. Felt second as a misting, wooly, the marble marketplace coated and vibrating. Alarm catches the exterior, vendors awaken in succession… the auctioneer carries on inside, bidders still locked in squabble…

…(indiscernible chatter and horns)…

“Sold! to the…”

A gavel raised: the serene swell—so attentive—slides beneath, just as it wraps around each column and body through the ruby corridors, to the ballroom… every cordial, snifter and champagne flute freezes in the inhale of the ascending squall…

…(something about the sea curling from its bed)… and hovers, drawn back at full amplitude.


Longshoreman is Brooklyn-based musician Aaron Hodges (formerly of Holy Spirits). His self-titled 2015 album—a beautiful, devotional folk-drone exploration of darkness and hope (in a more song/vocal-oriented sphere)—is available on 12″ LP at bandcamp.

Dreams is an ongoing project where we ask our favorite artists to create a piece of music inspired by a handmade collage.

Dreams of Thailand


Broadcasting a transmission, out and into the ether, live from the stage, from the microcosmic amphitheater. On the shores of the river, the audience lingers, sculling the wake in skiffs. The station operators cluster about the temple’s fells, and shivering slightly ankle bells. Silken flutter and spinning narrative web around and about. Puncturing the atmosphere, the dome, with a message of varying clarity, but a promise. The signal from the crystal set claims to herald from Yialmel …

… But from here, across a barrier, through a window or a screen, in a dream, receiving the transmission with a diode sheen:

It’s unclear if the signal means, but certainly the beacon sings.


Diva is the meditational healing and inter-dimensional pop project of Los Angeles-based artist Diva Dompe. Her work has taken various form since Pocahaunted days, recently over a series of tapes on Leaving Records, and currently through tranquil Yialmelic explorations via Dublab. Diva’s latest album, Divinity In Thee, is out on Stones Throw imprint Circle Star.

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Dreams is an ongoing project where we ask our favorite artists to create a piece of music inspired by a handmade collage.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Dreams of Yugoslavia


Balkan decoys, elaborate and beautiful, affix, shielding a forgotten mist, a village; an archaeologist arches her architectural theory, squinting down at the photograph believed to be the only of its kind. The people, stoic and oversized, walk above rather than within… they must reside behind rather than inside, she figures. Water falls from the margin. But how—she scribbles into her fading field note book—how can it, with the homes so close. Perhaps they needn’t worry over being swept at all; nearly weightless, though real, floating, she determines, this paper town on a cliff.

Into focus: a frayed corner, peeling to another image beneath the first.

The archaeologist gently brushes off the original exposure, which, suddenly of its own accord, takes flight. Awestruck, she follows the winged photograph out the door, across a modest yard, beyond her wildest hallucinations, to the paper town, at water’s edge.

Snap, a camera echoes in the distance. A photograph ruffles its feathers.


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is a composer and modular synth sculptor from the Bay Area. Her latest release, the enchanting Euclid, is out now on Western Vinyl.

Dreams is an ongoing project where we ask our favorite artists to create a piece of music inspired by a handmade collage.

Dreams of Finland


People cross the snowy valley, good folk, from rustic places beyond snowy hills. They come with parliamentary questions, with riddles, with quandaries and yarns to fiddle. The giants too, asking giant things, as giants do.

“Has the North Star fallen?”
“Who protects the soul bird’s soul?”

He wouldn’t have any of it. He would balk at their rationale. He would quip, be glib, but amusing.

“Did Lalli really slay that Bishop? We gotta know!” an old-timer yells, already anticipating the punchline.

Axe me another one. I’ll try and finger it out.” Always so cleaver.

The old-timer leans to his son, a younger man, “that’s an old one… a classic. One that I love.”

“What’s that city doing up there, you?” A woman, a wooly coat, shouts at him between the waves of applause and laughter.

“It is none of your concern, what’s stuck to the ceiling, on the shell of the egg.” He bleets, smiling that clever Reindeer smile.

Laughter from a single source, off cue, erupts from the center of the crowd. “Oh…” the laugh, a lady’s, is musical and pure. “I get it!” the voice suddenly recognized as elderly chimes, “… after more than 80 years, I finally get it! That joke you told me, as a child, ha, the joke, all those years ago. What subtle humor indeed!” she manages to articulate between her spells of riotous laughter.

“Tell us! How does it go?!” a small boy cries.

The woman looks at the reindeer, through the tears in her eyes, and only laughs harder. “I…” she pauses and laughs. “I can’t remember how it goes!”

“Me either!” cries the reindeer. He too begins to laugh, triggering a contagious and enormous laughter in the crowd. It is a melodious laugh, orchestral, symphonic. The elderly woman, whose laugh dances above the babbling brook laughter of the crowd, falls down from laughing. She laughs and sighs, leaning back onto her elbow on the stairs. The crowd, not laughing at her, but with her, collectively reaches to help her up, but she laughs and shoos them off. She leans back and sighs again, a most satisfying sigh, and dies there, cradled in the ripples of laughter in the air.

The soul bird, flashing on the horizon, zips in, right in time. The crowd cheers, greeting him. He, casting beams of light from the flutter of his wings, bathes the recently deceased, and she becomes a bear, born giggling. The reindeer bursts into laughter again, triggering another wave from the crowds symphony. The soul bird carries the cub off the stairs, through the air, and to the woods outside the city on the ceiling of the egg, to start a new life, full of new jokes and elusive honey.

Eventually the crowd recovers. The reindeer shakes his head adroitly, wiggles his ears, and takes a breath, “next?”


Eaters is multi-instrumentalist/composer Bob Jones and recording engineer/sound designer Jonathan Schenke. The Brooklyn-based duo have new material in the works, to follow their self-titled 2014 debut on Driftless Recordings/Dull Tools. They play Rough Trade tomorrow with Dan Deacon.

Dreams is an ongoing project where we ask our favorite artists to create a piece of music inspired by a handmade collage.