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Dream Believer


Last week we made MTV a mix. For good measure, and to further underscore the artists included, it’s been placed here as well.

Sunny Dunes – Patience (Waiting For Summer)
Eola – And I Love Her [The Beatles]
M. Sage – Veridian ii
Monster Rally – Orchids
Bill Fay – Was It You I Saw Today
Candy Claws – A Glimpse of Dreamland
Night Sides – Dream [The Everly Brothers]
M O N E Y – Goodnight London
M. Sage – Veridian i
Timi Yuro – Hurt
WALL – Something On Your Mind [Karen Dalton]
Cuddle Formation – Duckfangs Tickle My Ankles
The Fleetwoods – Tragedy [Thomas Wayne]
M. Sage – Impossible Fenceline

The first and most apparent influence on Dream Believer is the music of our good friend and frequent collaborator, Matthew Sage. His work has a way of warping reference points, often recontextualizing both the beautiful and the mundane. The second is a recent dive back into the Micromix series that Bradford Cox did on his blog years ago (a collection at this point I consider historically significant, and personally one of the most profound experiences with “old music” I’ll ever have). The inclusion of “Tragedy” by The Fleetwoods is an homage to him. With those two on the mind lately, I tried to assemble a listen that made sense of this link, or at least further nonsense of it. I hear it as a compilation of songs—noctambulant & lovesick—from some lost era (at sea, perhaps), like those late night infomercials that run titles over footage of the performers. By mixing the new with the classic, and newer covers of classics, the idea is that we lose orientation with time itself—which is a microcosmic parallel of what we attempt with S&S in general.