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Above is a microscopic galaxy of one-celled plants that “lie dormant in winter and burgeon in the spring.” The process can make a pond glow. And if it made a sound…

Kris Keogh | You sat, looking out, but couldn’t begin to explain
Kris Keogh | Above Paris, with stars in our eyes
Kris Keogh | With our own atmosphere

This large body of harp glitchery has flooded New Weird Australia’s bandcamp (via). It moves below:

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Time and circumstance would show that Perth’s Andrew Sinclair probably didn’t intend on these three forces acting as a set. The first two are contrasting variations of the same young prayer, while the last is lifted from the ashes of New Weird Australia’s most recent ritual. But together, they cascade; opening delicately at dusk, closing in a moonlit frenzy.

Andrew Sinclair | FOLK AS SHIT
Andrew Sinclair | STEREO AS SHIT
Andrew Sinclair | Ritual Beat / Stolen Drums